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Snow was falling all around Unova, covering it in a blanket of white, especially in the northern parts of the region. Around this time of year, many people like to joke that White Forest is finally living up to it’s name.

Our story takes place in said forest, in a small cottage amidst the trees, the lights from it illuminating the snow falling in the darkness of night.

Inside the cottage, a Druddigon nudged his very tiny trainer forward, almost into the tree. “Firedrake!” Ally said, laughing as she pushed her Pokemon’s face away. “Calm down, or you’ll knock everything over!”

At her feet, clinging to the fourteen-year-old’s pant leg was Rosa. The Snivy rolled her eyes, half annoyed, half amused at the giant Pokemon’s eagerness as they decorated their tree.

Firedrake crooned apologetically, worming his head under Ally’s elbow and nuzzling it--just as an Emolga leapt onto his giant head, his wings full of ornaments.

“Oh, thanks Minipete!” Ally said, taking the ornaments and allowing the squirrel Pokemon to climb onto her shoulder. “You just saved me a trip to the ornament box.” Which was only two feet away. Thought Ally, but she didn’t say aloud for Minipete’s sake.

“Hakone? Eve? Do you two want to help?” Ally asked, looking over her shoulder, only to see her Braviary and Mienshao fast asleep, snuggled up together by the fireplace, Hakone had his wing draped over Eve’s back, and Eve’s long fur covered Hakone’s featherless talons.

Ally smiled in amusement. “Never mind.” She whispered, so she wouldn’t wake them up.

Harris, Ally’s Stoutland then came up, a crystal ball held delicately in his teeth, he couldn’t bark, but the eager look in his eyes told all. Rosa grinned and tugged on Ally’s pant leg. Ally laughed, “Okay, okay.” She murmured, “Let’s start decorating.”

* * *

In the darkness, sitting on the giant Reshiram’s back and holding a Zorua in his arms, was a tea-haired teenager. He could see Ally and her Pokemon decorating the tree, laughing and having fun, not even noticing the mysterious trainer just outside.

N smiled, while he knew now the true nature of Pokemon training, it was always nice to see someone confirming his beliefs, especially the younger teen who had opened his eyes, his one and only human friend.

The Zorua in his arms wiggled excitedly, Reshiram turned his head to look at them. N stroked the Zorua’s fur, “Are you ready, little one?” An excited yip was his answer.

“Alright then, here.” The seventeen-year-old took a card from his back pocket. “Just show her the note, I know she’ll understand.” Zorua nodded obediently, and took the card in his mouth. After nuzzling the teenager goodbye, Zorua wiggled out of his arms and landed into the snow. Though his voice was muffled, he yipped a goodbye to Reshiram, who bowed his head in response.

The tiny black fox trotted through the snow eagerly, he hurried along the side of the house and up onto the cottage porch. And with a goodbye glance towards his former trainer and the legendary Pokemon, rushing to the door and he began lightly, but loudly scratching against the wood.

Inside, Ally jumped at the sound, almost dropping an ornament, but she managed to catch it again and whip around. Harris’s eyes narrowed as he began to growl. Rosa leapt forward, as did Minipete. Firedrake, although less confidently than the others, narrowed his eyes. Hakone and Eve woke up at the sound, muscles tensing in anticipation.

Slowly, Ally approached the source of the sound, the door. “Who’s there?”

There was a yip, muffled through the wooden door. Ally blinked.

Outside, Zorua leapt back, tail wagging as the door cautiously opened and the tiny Pokemon Trainer looked around. Finally she looked down. “Oh!” She exclaimed, looking at the Zorua. “Hello there.” What in the world was a Pokemon doing here? It wasn’t common for a wild Pokemon to be sitting outside a person’s door, that is, unless it was injured and wasn’t stubborn enough to refuse help. But this Pokemon seemed perfectly fine. Suddenly, she noticed the note in the Pokemon’s mouth.

With an excited yip, the Zorua leapt forward. Ally yelped as he landed in her arms, nuzzling her neck excitedly. Ally blinked, before taking the note from the Zorua. It was a plain piece of paper, no designs, the handwriting was rather sloppy, but she could read it.

Dear Ally,
 How have you been? I hope you and your Pokemon are doing well. I’m sorry I’m not speaking to you directly, but I know you would want me to stay for the night and I cannot, I must get back to my home and tend to my Pokemon. However, I want to give you this Zorua as an early holiday gift…that is what people generally do, right?

Happy Holidays

Ally’s eyes widened, but then she smiled. There was no name, but she knew who wrote this. “Looks like we have a new member of the family.” Zorua beamed, purring as his new trainer stroked his ears. “I think I’ll call you ‘N’.”

She walked back inside with the note and her new Pokemon, and as she began introducing him to her other Pokemon, the tea-haired teenager smiled, proud of his act of friendship, his act of giving to another human, for the very first time in his life. Then, holding the scruff of Reshiram’s neck, he urged the Pokemon away from the house, walking into the darkness of the forest before taking off into the air, heading for his own home.
Pfft. Yep, it seems like I'm going to spam my account with stupid Christmas fluff. XD (I hate the title of this one :dead:...)
Anyway, Ally is basically my Pokemon Trainer persona, I guess. All of her Pokemon (except for N, the Zorua) belong to me in my Pokemon White game.

Ally--Born in Icirrus City, Ally is a very small, fourteen-year-old who, after travelling all throughout Unova, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, decided to settle down with all of her Pokemon in White Forest.

Rosa--Ally's starter Pokemon and best friend, Rosa may not be the strongest of Ally's Pokemon, but she never gives up and always has her trainer's back.

Harris--The first Pokemon Ally caught, all the way back when he was just a Lilliup, Harris is loyal and playful, striving to be a Pokemon that Ally can count on. Little does he know, he already done that for a long time. Harris is named after one of the triplets from "Brave".

Minipete--The only Pokemon Ally received in a trade, Ally at first didn't except the Emolga to be very strong, but it quickly turned out he is one of the strongest of all of her Pokemon.

Eve--Tough and reclusive, Eve the Mienshao often prefers to be alone. While she may be percieved as cold and uncaring, she holds all of her teammates close, Hakone especially, whom she is mates with. While I guess you can see Eve being named after EVE from WALL-E, I just named her that because I think it fits her.

Hakone--The most protective Pokemon around, Hakone is generally the one who always guarded the camp when Ally was travelling. Ally often tries to get him to loosen up, but is often not successful. Hakone is fiercely competitive, particularly with his best friend and mate, Eve. Hakone is named after a city in Japan.

Firedrake--The perfect definition for this Druddigon is "gentle giant". While he can be very violent when angry, most of the time he is docile, curious and timid. Firedrake is named after the main character of my FAVORITE book, "Dragon Rider"

I should probably say that, in my book, this isn't really canon in Ally's story, Ally gains N the Zorua in an entirely different way canonically, but I just had to write this gem. Also, Ally does have a lot more Pokemon from her travels, but I wanted this story just so center around her first Pokemon. :)

EDIT: Oh! I just wanted to say, all of my previously stated Pokemon actually have the same behavior their natures say they do in my game.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Firedrake, Dragon Rider (c) Cornelia Funke
Wall-e, Brave, EVE, Harris (c) Pixar
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Tell me about it! :D I can never get enough of it, it's just such a charming story to me. 
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